I believe in community- local and abroad. This means helping those in need. I have partnered with a variety of organizations. With every transaction you complete with me, you may select an organization to received a donation of 5% of my commission! Contact me for details and see more on these organizations below!



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Family Life Center: Flagler

The mission of the Family Life Center is to provide essential support services to individuals and families to end Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence in Flagler County.

Support services include shelter, food, clothing, transportation, medical services, employment coaching, education resources, legal service support, counseling, community education, conducting outreach programs that focus on prevention and education related to Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence at no cost to victims, and partnering with other social service and law enforcement agencies to coordinate support services and programs.



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Flagler Humane Society

Mission–The Flagler Humane Society is committed to the welfare of animals:

We will provide shelter and care for animals.

We will provide programs and services, which enhance the bond between animals and people.

We will be advocates for animals, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.





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663 million people live without clean water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide, or, twice the population of the United States without access to life’s most basic human need. The majority live in isolated rural areas and spend hours every day walking to collect water for their family. Not only does walking for water keep kids out of school and take up time that parents could be using to earn money, but the water often carries diseases that make them sick.

When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything.

100% of donations goes into providing clean water!