Money Pile 00 dollar bills

cutting-costs-285817925In today’s world, advertisements are being thrown in our face constantly. You can’t look anywhere without seeing advertisements for services that are specifically catered to you. Many of these things are subscription base. So when it comes to cutting costs in your home, this is the first place to look. When things automatically bill, you lose track of what you are paying for. Pull up your last bank statement and credit card statements. Now look over your monthly reoccurring charges. What in there are subscription based services? I did this not long ago and found I was able to save a couple hundred dollars a month by canceling, or even adjusting, my subscriptions!

You have to start by asking yourself what is really important. What are you using? What is beneficial to your life? What makes you happy? Maybe you don’t use all of those streaming services. That shaving razor club you signed up for- are the razors collecting quicker than you can use them? Cut back to every other month. Ask yourself this- are you really using that gym membership? If you are, DO NOT CANCEL IT! I wasn’t using mine. I wasn’t going to start. It was something I had to be honest about with myself and I saved over $30/mo.

When I started looking over what I was paying every month, I starting cutting them down fast! In one day I had canceled 5 services that added up to over $150. That adds up! I was even able to cut my cable. Why? Because I stream everything! Any all of those channels have apps. Now, this isn’t exactly kosher, but I have friends that use my streaming accounts. And I get their cable company login info so I can watch all of those channels streaming. That way I’m not missing anything but saving a ton of cash! I was loving my audible account but I wasn’t using it as much as I should. I fill my time with podcasts anyways and those are free! So it’s gone.

Try this. It takes no time at all. Then comment with what you saved! You may be surprised.